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January 2016 DMA News
Where does business meld seamlessly with gooey, tasty pastries?  At the February 10 business mixer of course.  The Midway Business Association, in conjunction with Venture Portland, Division Midway Alliance and Mount Hood Community College will be serving up fresh brewed coffee beginning at 8:30 a.m. at the newly renovated Curtis Trailers building, 10177 SE Powell Blvd. 
The event, which runs to 10 a.m., will give you a chance to meet with neighboring businesses, as well as hear about Venture Portland's #PDXlovessmallbiz campaign, which is all about you. Also speaking will be Jarvez Hall, whose topic is the new state retirement plan for employees.

New laws in 2016 run gamut from sick to leave to e-cigarettes
By Ann Ereline and Kem A. Marks
The 2016 legal dos and don’ts keep e-cigarettes out of  indoor public spaces – like work, protect employees’ communications on line and off, and “Ban the Box,” among other things. So let’s take a look at the laws that affect you.
“Ban the Box”
     Strike out the box on your job applications that asks “Do you have a criminal record.” The state law (H.B. 3025), in effect since Jan. 1, 2016, restricts employers from asking job applicants about their criminal record during the initial stages of the application process and before the first interview.
     The law seeks to lift barriers for job-seeking ex-convicts. But it does include exemptions, such as employers (child and elder care, and law enforcement, for example) already required by other laws to consider criminal backgrounds. The state law also allows employers to ultimately use an applicant’s criminal background as part of the reason for not hiring him or her.
    The city adds a layer to the “Ban the Box” law with its rules that go into effect July 1. Under Portland regulations, employers cannot ask applicants about their criminal background until the conditional employment offer is made. Like the state law, there are exemptions, including for volunteers working with vulnerable groups (children, elderly and people with disabilities, etc.).
     Portland employers will also be able to withdraw an offer because of a criminal past but MUST (and this is important) complete a detailed individualized assessment to be shared with the applicant. Also note, that should the applicant raise his or her background during the first interview, do your best to stop him or her from saying anything further. Explain what the law is, and document, document, and document some more.
     The Bureau of Labor and Industries is tasked with handling all complaints for both state and city and you can go to http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/Pages/index.aspx for more information and guidance.
The state’s sick leave law
     Yes, we know that all of you have been working through Portland’s sick leave regulations, but this time, it’s Oregon offering a law that pre-empts city law. Employers with five or fewer workers still may offer only protected (unpaid) sick leave.
     Under the state law, effective Jan. 1, employers must provide up to 40 hours of sick leave, which can either be frontloaded to use in the calendar year or carried over to the next year. One hour of sick leave is accrued for every 30 hours worked, and all employees are eligible, with new workers reaching eligibility in their 91st day of work.
     It’s a good idea to review and retool, if needed, your policies on sick-leave trades (legal under state law) as well as whether frontloading or carry-overs work best for your business.
Other key employee-employer laws
Paycheck Fairness Act: This is essentially an anti-retaliation act, which makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee who discusses wages with a co-worker.
Domestic Workers Protections: Nannies, housekeepers and others must receive overtime pay, get rest periods, paid time off (PTO), and be protected against harassment/retaliation.
“Like” Your Own Page, but: You may not require your employees to create and use their own social media page to promote your business.
And, finally, a law for everyone:  No e-cigarettes or vaping here: A new state law bans electronic cigarettes, including vaping, at workplaces and indoor public spaces, such as restaurants and bars. Also, it’s now illegal to sell vaporizers and e-cigs to minors.
     In addition to complying all the new laws, it’s a good idea to review your workplace policies, updating and revising them as needed. Remember, if you have doubts, go to the BOLI site above, or call a licensed attorney for advice.  An ounce of prevention is worth a tone of heartache.  If you need help in finding an attorney use the Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral site at https://www.osbar.org/public/ris/.      DISCLAIMER:  This article is meant to merely be informational and in no way should be construed as legal advice.  For legal advice contact a licensed attorney.




By Ann Ereline

Need that bumper fixed on your freight truck? A new paint job on your boat? Central Auto Body is the place to fix up those and any other type of vehicle.
Central Auto Body, a locally owned and growing chain, brought its business and its know-how to the heart of the Midway district, opening its third store at 12141 SE Division St. on Dec. 1, 2015.
Owner Bret Bothwell assures customers that the new “location has the equipment, staff and expertise to paint and do body work on all types of vehicles,” RVs, trailers and your sedan included. As a perk – as if you need another reason to go to Central Auto Body – they will provide free car rental while your baby is being cared for.
Central Auto Body is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can reach them by calling 503-894-9500 or email, bret@autobody123.com.  Please check them out at www.autobody123.com.  Their friendly staff will be happy to serve you.  And remember, please shop local.  Sixty percent of money spent at locally owned businesses stays in the local economy, our economy.  

Community Meeting for New Park at 150th
By Ann Ereline
Friends of SE 150th & Division invites community members to its second meeting Sunday, Jan. 24, to discuss the future park and garden project. The meeting will run from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Franciscan Earth Montessori School, 14750 SE Clinton St. 
The goal of this second meeting is “sharing, brainstorming and networking” while focusing on the Portland Parks & Recreation site.  Community members will also learn about the current opportunity to develop a community garden and about the Parks Master Planning process, which will begin in early 2016. 
In announcing the decision to develop the area for a park last summer, City Commissioner Amanda Fritz said she “chose 150th/Division . . . because of the number of households with no access to any nearby park on Division.”
Light snacks will be provided.   Look for the Green Balloons to show the way.  For additional information or to request interpretation, childcare or other services contact Adam at:  971-231-4191 or adam@outgrowinghunger.org

Volunteers Are the Backbone of DMA
By Kem A. Marks

            Each month DMA will highlight one of the many outstanding volunteers who make the work of DMA possible.  DMA wants to make sure that the wider community knows what we know, that we have some pretty fabulous people helping us out.
            January’s Volunteer is Ann Ereline.  Ann has been volunteering for DMA since the summer of 2015.  Ann is a gifted writer who has worked in journalism for over 30 years.  She started her volunteer work with DMA by writing press releases for the 2015 Festival of Nations.  Since then, Ann has broadened her work with DMA by joining the Marketing committee; Ann is also a contributor to DMA’s monthly E-newsletter and will soon be joining the Financial Development committee adding her many years of nonprofit fundraising experience to the organization.
            In addition to her work with DMA, Ann is a member of the Midway Business Association’s (MBA) Board of Directors, and attends the monthly general meeting.  She is also helps manage MBA’s Facebook Page.  Other “gigs”, as she calls them, include Docent at the Oregon Historical Society, mostly guiding school kids through exhibitions and participation with Wisdom of the Elders, a Native American nonprofit based in SE Portland.  She is also a Toastmaster and was the featured speaker at DMA’s January Mixer, in partnership with Mt. Hood Community College.
            Ann says she is “retired”, but it is hard to tell that.  She is now running her own consulting business, ErelineA WordsWork, where she helps businesses create and manage their business communications, from web and blog content, to social media, to any other types of promotion or technical writing a business might need.  She also does grant-writing for non-profits. If you would like to connect with Ann, you can reach her at Erelinea.ww@gmail.com.
            DMA is proud and grateful to have Ann Ereline as part of our team of committed volunteers.  She is a truly committed community member and a lifelong student of many things.  Please join DMA in wishing her luck in her biggest venture yet, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the book, not the movie.  Good luck with that Ann, and thank you for your hard work!

DMA Volunteers Clean-up
By Kem A. Marks

Division Midway Alliance (DMA) hosted its annual Take Pride In Your Neighborhood Clean Up on Monday, January 18, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service. The best way to describe the event – it was a great success!
First, DMA would like to take the opportunity to call out some of the great community-minded volunteers who participated.  Cammy Pierson, owner of Curtis Trailers provided two trucks and employees who hauled 6 truckloads of discarded household items from neighborhood streets.  DMA would also like to recognize the students from David Douglas Key Club and Pacific University.  Those volunteers removed 50 + SOLVE bags of trash and innumerable graffiti from neighborhood right of ways between 112th & 156th Avenues.  East Portland Rovers also represented and picked up any loose ends along the way.  Who are the Rovers you ask?  If you have gone to a Neighborhood Night Out, you have the Rovers to thank for all of their hard work.
Now for the details.  Over sixty participants worked together to clean Division Street and create a nicer place to live and shop.  All total, over seven tons of trash was hauled away in two large dumpsters.  This year, E-Wastematters was on hand to recycle “anything with a cord.”  A number of TVs, couches, microwaves, and even a player piano found their way to a proper resting place.
And after the cleaning was complete, the eating began.  DMA would like to also thank Chris at McGee’s Pub for the great food and friendly service. 
Put DMA’s Take Pride In Your Neighborhood on your calendar for next year’s MLK National Day of Service as DMA will be providing this service again to the East Portland Community.
Here is a link to a video Lorelei Young, DMA Board Pres. created.  Thank you Lorelei. http://www.divisionmidway.com/current-events/

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