The Storefront Mini Grant program is designed to help district businesses and property owners make their workplaces and our district more inviting and, hence, profitable.

The grants fund projects that increase the visibility and street presence of qualifying businesses. Eligible projects include painting, sign installation, awning replacement, landscaping, and lighting. Some interior projects, such as lighting, painting, and flooring, may also qualify.

2015-2016 Projects Include:

  • Mailroom Plus replaced its interior lighting with energy efficient LED lighting
  • Casa Del Sol installed an outdoor patio and replaced its drive-thru sign

2015-16’s grants were 50% matching improvement grants for eligible projects from $500 to $5000. Using input from the community’s vision for Division, the Capital Improvement Committee updated its Storefront Mini Grant to include visioning standards. The 2016-17 Storefront Mini Grant program provides approximately $40,000 in grants to business and commercial property owners in the Division Midway district.

Guidelines include:

  • With DMA’s 25%-75% sliding scale grants DMA business and property owners receive up to $10,000 in improvements for as little as $2,500.
  • Each applicant is eligible for funding between $500 and $7,500 to support the storefront improvement project.
  • The Division Midway Capital Improvement Committee will administer the funding, with applications made available to businesses beginning May 2017.
  • Grant applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Design assistance is available to businesses within DMA’s program area.
  • Eligible projects include projects that improve the look and feel of the business district located along Southeast Division Street between 117th and 148th avenues.
  • Once approved, each project will have one year to be completed.
  • The Mini Grant Program is not intended to cover the costs of extensive deferred maintenance, such as power washing or major redesign and structural work.

Read more about the Storefront Improvement Grant here. Download your application for the Storefront Grant here.