Mission Statement & Division Midway Alliance’s Values

Mission Statement
Division Midway Alliance (DMA) is a place-based nonprofit creating social resiliency and economic prosperity for residents and businesses. We work to achieve equity – in resources, opportunity, and quality of life for diverse communities.

• Authenticity – We honor lived experiences and encourage grassroots leadership. We increase opportunities for diverse representation at all levels of our organization and its operations – including our board, staff, volunteers, and program participants.
• Opportunity – We infuse vitality and innovation into our community by increasing opportunities for wealth creation, business ownership, living wage employment, and career and educational development.
• Place – We prioritize local control of our spaces and places, through community leadership, safety and security, and creative projects that beautify our district.
• Diversity – We affirm individual dignity and honor a full spectrum of diverse – and often divergent – values, viewpoints, and ideas. We build bridges between diverse communities and viewpoints, particularly between and among our large and vibrant immigrant communities.
• Cooperation – We collaborate broadly with external partners and institutions who share our mission and vision to leverage additional resources for our community, especially those communities who have been historically marginalized. We strengthen the voice of our community at the local, state, and regional level and bring increased attention to the needs, and successes, of our community.

Equity Statement

DMA recognizes there are a number of identifiable groups who are not equally represented in our community. These groups may be disadvantaged socially, politically, culturally, economically, and/or educationally. We recognize that these groups have not always benefited in a proportionate manner when measured against the general population in our community. DMA is committed to creating institutional values, principles, and policies that ensure the inclusion of groups that have historically been and continued to be disadvantaged.

Midway’s Vision Statement

Vision DMA envisions a future in which our community’s economic and social opportunities are limitless!
• In our future, one’s household income, immigrant status, country of origin, or primary spoken language has no bearing on one’s ability to launch or grow a businesses, or access and achieve education and career goals.
• In our future, long-standing residents and businesses eagerly welcome newcomers.
• In our future, there is always room for diverse and divergent viewpoints and these are shared in productive and respectful ways.
• In our future, our community is safe and transportation is accessible. Our residents and visitors navigate our community on foot, bike, bus, transit and car and do so safely and easily.
• In our future, our physical buildings, green spaces, and public spaces are safe, well-maintained and represent both traditional and future-focused human-scale design practices. It is instantly apparent that art, design, and functionality are valued for their sense of placemaking and belonging.
• In our future, while diversity is celebrated, there remains a shared respect and aesthetic as residents and business owners take pride in calling outer Southeast Division Street home.