DMA’s Equity Statement

DMA recognizes there are a number of identifiable groups who are not equally represented in our community. These groups may be disadvantaged socially, politically, culturally, economically, and/or educationally. We recognize that these groups have not always benefited in a proportionate manner when measured against the general population in our community. DMA is committed to creating institutional values, principles, and policies that ensure the inclusion of groups that have historically been and continued to be disadvantaged.

Midway’s Vision Statement

Imagine it is the year 2025 – Together, we can do anything!

The Division Midway Alliance (DMA) has achieved its goal. The business district within and surrounding Division Street is the center of community life for Southeast Portland with neighborhood shopping, community gathering places and thriving businesses. Two large, quality grocers anchor both ends of the district. Family centered restaurants and shops, affordable locally owned stores and a wide range of international businesses add a unique flair. Businesses offer a fresh and friendly look with unified signage, warm lighting, open doors and store windows that sparkle, welcoming neighbors and visitors alike.

In our future, SE Division Street is safe and easy to get around on foot, bike or car with crosswalks, trees, flowers, open spaces, recreation, and evening lighting that invites people to slow down, enjoy the street life and shop the fine variety of goods and services that are so easily accessible to all. Division-Midway is a lively multicultural district where neighbors and businesses take pride in a spirit of community and compassion for everyone.

To achieve this vision, DMA has the opportunity to spend an estimated $750,000 on Capital Improvements in the district through 2022. Because this is a small amount of funds, DMA decided to first create a vision for the district and set out to learn the community’s Vision for Division. Over 200 residents, businesses and other community members responded at community meetings and events and four themes emerged:

Increased Street Safety improvements such as crosswalks and increased lighting
Business and Commercial Property Improvements such as painting, signage, lighting and landscaping
Public Art including murals, way-finding signs and sculptures
Improved / Increased public spaces including garbage cans, benches & trees and planters
DMA’s Capital Improvement committee uses these visioning themes to determine the best use of the community’s funds.

As time progresses, DMA will adjust themes and efforts as continued community outreach determines the community’s changing needs.