“If it’s disc golf related,” says Jerry Miller, “Disc Golf Depot is all about it!” Miller’s fun business currently located in the Division Business Plaza at 2410 SE 121st Ave., opened in 1982.  It provides equipment, course design and installation, and lessons.

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Disc golf is a lot like traditional golf, except rather than ball and club, the players toss flying discs through the air at a variety of target types. The Professional Disc Golf Association says the most common “hole” is an elevated basket. Eventually the player with the fewest strokes wins, of course.

Special deals? There’s no need, because as Miller says, “I have the cheapest retail prices in the country every day.”

Disc Golf Depot is open 10 am to 6 pm daily. For more information, check out the website, discgolfdepot.com. To contact Miller, call 503-771-9900 or email discgolfdepot@netscape.net.  Or drop into suite 214 during business hours.