Division Midway Alliance (DMA) began its sponsorship drive for the 2016 Festival of Nations at the beginning of April.   Several media sponsors — KBOO, I Heart Radio and Slavic Community Center of NW — are on board to help DMA reach the public with news about the Festival.

Without media sponsors, DMA would have to spend a lot of money to advertise the festival.  “Such expenditures would take away from our ability to pay local artists and performers for their work,” said Lori Boisen, DMA District Manager. “These sponsorships are very appreciated, and help us have the best possible festival by using marketing funds to pay great artists to perform.”

KBOO was a big part of why the 2015 Festival of Nations was such a success.  Another part of that success was I Heart Radio/Ron Tonkin Toyota, which also returns this year.  Like last year,  both will have booths at the Sept. 17 festival.

DMA is pleased to welcome Slavic Community Center of NW as a new media sponsor. NW Slavic Community Center is a partner with Afisha Agency and Slavic Family Radio.  All three entities serve the metro area Slavic community of up to 125,000 people.  “We really want to reach out to our diverse community,” said Boisen. “And the Slavic Community Center helps us ensure that our large Slavic community will be represented at this year’s festival.”

DMA is still seeking media sponsors to spread the word to the diverse communities in East Portland.  Potential media sponsors can contact sponsor coordinator Kem Marks at kem@divisionmiday.com or 503.841.5201. Marks will be happy to assist with any questions or to sign up sponsors.