Becoming the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s Festival of Nations, says Daniel Lyman of Get Space, is an exciting way “to be involved in the community” and a way to say thank you to DMA and the Mill Park Neighborhood Association, which helped Get Space “push back on the city in an attempt to get what the community wants” at Get Space’s new facility at 12323 SE Division St.


The advertising that Get Space will get from being the Festival’s top sponsor is great, Lyman says, but “truly our first goal was to thank” the helpful community organizations. “We do believe in and prefer win-win situations.”


Get Space is in the final stages of the city’s permit process, and if it gets started by late summer or early fall on construction, the 852-unit storage facility is expected to open for customers next summer. The units will come in various sizes.


The $12 million investment, Lyman hopes, will “become a catalyst to enhance an already great community”