Bob Dylan sang the “Times they be a changing” fifty years ago, and it is as apropos as ever. This author never thought that in his lifetime he would be writing about a legal cannabis business, but that is the case. The Oregon Voters have spoken and cannabis is legal. It has come out of the shadows and  into the  light.  Thus, our business spotlight this month  is on Mt. Hood Wellness Center that  is part of Rose City Labs.

Mt. Hood Wellness Center is owned my Portlander, Daniel Huson. Mt. Hood Wellness Center is located at 11121 SE Division St.  Operating hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.   When you walk  in, you will be greeted by a very nice interior displaying what used to be referred to as paraphernalia. The tools for cannabis also were illegal once upon a time, but as we said, the times have changed, and they too are legal. Some items are beautiful enough to be seen as works of art.

Go through the French doors, and you will be where the cannabis is sold. There are two sets of display counters. Medical cannabis is on one side, recreational on the other. The room  looks  like any other retail store, truly contradicting what the stereotype some people have for  such a business.

Another service is the testing of cannabis for potency, impurities, terpene and moisture levels. They are currently running a bulk pricing sale for  30 days from today. So run in and get your cannabis checked.

In addition to becoming an open business, cannabis is helping  the Oregon tax base.  The Oregonian just reported that Oregon has collected $6.84 million in recreational pot taxes since January. This amount exceeds the estimated amount for the year. The Revenue Department had estimated that taxes collected from  recreation sale would be $2 million to $3 million.  The story also notes that in the future the tax  imposed by the state will be 17 to 20 percent. Local governments will be able to add up to 3 percent  more to raise money for local coffers. With budgets tight, this could be a big help to local communities.

Other specials include

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Please welcome Mt. Hood Wellness Center to our business community.  Supporting local businesses is also supporting the local economy. And from the editorial staff, belated happy 4/20 day.