Many reasons may prompt business owners to  sponsor DMA’s Festival of Nations:

1)  to support community organizations and the communities they serve

2) to increase goodwill and exposure to potential clients and increase sales

3) to gain access to business support services for their own business

DMA provides a number of ways that a sponsoring business can advertise without spending one dime more than the amount of the sponsorship. The Division Midway Alliance website section for the Festival of Nations will show the many ways a business will market its name in association with the Festival.   


For example, each $250.00 sponsorship (Bronze Level) and higher entitles sponsors to

  • a “FREE” booth at the festival.  This provides businesses the opportunity to meet prospective customers, display items to sale, sale those items and/or explain the services they provide if they are a service oriented business.  
  • create advertising of their own around the event.  Placing the Festival of Nations logo on the company website and/or Facebook page is a way to create excitement about the festival but also to show community pride and support.  
  • create a sale with coupons for festival attendees with a trackable coupon code.  This can be a great way to increase sales and measure the impact of the festival on your business.

All local businesses at any level of sponsorship or collaboration receive the added benefit of DMA’s partnership with PSU’s Business Outreach Program. Liz and Emily are business advisors, who can help with Festival specific marketing strategies or other business issues and goals. They are particularly excited to help DMA’s sponsors best use the Festival of Nations as a marketing opportunity for their business.

The PSU Business Outreach team is at DMA’s office every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Local businesses are able to receive 10 hours of FREE assistance each year from PSU.  They may also be able to set up appointments for other times on a case by case basis.  You can leave a message for Liz or Emily at their office at 503-725-9820 or you can email Liz at Liz and Emily are two of the nicest business advisors in the field.  They are smart, creative, and listen to each business owner’s unique needs and desires.  Stop by and have Liz or Emily help you determine the best way to leverage your sponsorship with the Festival of Nations and build a growing customer base.