No website MTS-Profilebuilds itself.  It needs someone with the technical know-how and an eye for what looks good, as well as how to present information so it flows.  Division Midway Alliance (DMA) is fortunate to have Mark T. Saintonge as our volunteer website developer.  Because of his talent and hard work, DMA’s website has gone through a complete makeover in the past few months.

Mark and DMA aren’t done yet, so expect more exciting changes soon. Mark moved from Portland, the one in Maine, to our Portland a little over a year ago and is establishing his business AquaJazz, a web design and marketing media company. While building his business, he still finds time to volunteer in his new home city.

Mark has been a volunteer with DMA since March 2015.  He also is active on both DMA’s Capital Improvements and the Marketing committees, although most of his focus is on DMA’s website.  Mark’s goal is to help DMA develop an attractive website that is easy to navigate and provides a platform for DMA’s mission.  An easy to navigate website that attracts users and potential customers is vital for g every business.  Mark specializes in small to medium business.  His site,, features a free Ebook that explains the benefits of a well-designed website, and shows you why you may not want your brother-in-law  designing your website for you: a badly designed website will push potential customers away, especially younger more tech-centric customers who have an expectation of what a website should look like and what it should do.  Please think of Mark if you need a website built or redone.  Also, check out the DMA site to see Mark’s work.

Thank you Mark for all of your work, and please remember that it is volunteers like you who make it possible for DMA to achieve its mission.