The Vision Meeting April 6, 2015
The Vision Meeting May 6, 2015

Over 40 people attended Midway’s Community Visioning Open House on May 6 and provided extensive feedback for what their Vision for Division.  Thank you to all who attended and shared.  The extensive notes and ideas that were written on the large visioning board and all six table top maps will be used in combination with feedback from future community outreach opportunities we conduct through the summer.  

Ideas generated Wednesday evening include:
West end to 122nd Avenue area: 
  • Bike Racks
  • More Outdoor hang-out spaces
  • Food Carts
  • Brewery
  • Family Style Restaurant between 122nd & I-205
  • Car-share vehicle opportunity
  • Vertical Gardens over walls for greening and graffiti mitigation
  • Safety issues with combination of crosswalk, street parking and vehicle visibility
  • Landscaping in front of Auction Site
  • Art & Lighting on and around pedestrian overpass 
East end to 148th Avenue area:
  • Bus Stop near 148th needs a bench to allow for comfort while waiting with groceries
  • Car-share vehicle opportunity
  • Shipping container retail ‘pop-up’ cottage industry on East End of Petco Parking Lot
Themes that emerged include:
  • More Parks
  • More Crosswalks
  • Less Graffiti
  • Murals
  • Public Spaces like ‘pocket’ and ‘pop-up’ parks
  • Contiguous Sidewalks
  • Limited on-street parking
If anyone has further information to share, Lori Boisen at  We will be posting information to the website and Facebook, so if you have a story, experience or idea you want to share, please feel free!