Lorelei Young - DMA Board President/Chairperson
Lorelei Young – DMA Board President/Chairperson

The DMA May 2016 Board meeting was humming along just like usual, that was until the bombshell went off near the end.  Board President Lorelei Young announced that she would not be seeking a second term at the June elections, and would be stepping down from the Board altogether.

Before serving as president, she was board secretary for three years, preparing her to replace past president David Edwards.

Lorelei will continue as the Festival Committee chairwoman and step in when DMA needs her. Expect to find Lorelei buzzing around the 2016 festival with her camera, documenting the entertainment, the food and vendors, and people having fun. She’s tirelessly at work lining up this year’s multicultural acts.

Another big contribution of hers has been the continued sponsorship of DMA events, festivals included, by Lorelei and husband Dave’s Keepsake Family Tree Video. Keepsake transfers old photos, videotapes and film into up-to-date digital formats that will be around for generations.

Lorelei is also a member of the East Portland Action Plan and has been a member of its Grant Committee, which helped DMA hone its grant writing skills to secure  grants.  Keepsake is also a member of the Midway Business Association. DMA thanks Lorelei for her service as president, a board member and Festival Committee chairwoman.  Volunteers like Lorelei are why DMA is making a difference for the businesses and residents along Southeast Division Street.