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“People want to know the result.” Whenever Xu Qianyu seemed to be angry with him, he couldn’t help but start acting like a spoiled child. I’ve said all I need to say. Xu Qianyu whispered, then looked up, subconsciously looking for the shadow of Tang Xiao. Before, the two of them would always sit together. Tang Xiao never entered the meeting. Your own words are not very serious ah? Xu Qianyu recalled what he had said and pouted, “Well, did she hurt a glass heart?”? Melancholy. Next, I would like to announce a piece of news to all my friends. From now on, “Zhu Yan” will be under the banner of simple Media Group. Next, let’s welcome the speech of Mr. Easy, the general manager of the group. Thunderous applause. All the media reporters know what simple group represents in Beijing. If you join it, it means tickets. The question about “Mingshang’s acquisition of Zhu Yan” has also been answered at this moment: why the small Zhu Yan has no task action for the acquisition of Mingshang Group, and there is already simple media as the backstage. Silence returned between the slightly raised hands of the paralyzed man in black. Xu Qianyu was stimulated by the thunderous applause, and then by the man with facial paralysis on the stage, who was wearing sunglasses. She couldn’t help complaining to Rong Ruo: “Is that general manager a star?” Jane Fan looked at the stage, the eldest brother was about to speak,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, he shook his head: “Why do you ask?” “I thought only celebrities wore sunglasses at events like this.” She explained with a smile. He’s harder to hire than a star. Jane, the boss, will not participate in this kind of activity at all unless necessary, and has a special executive in charge. This is a bit like Jane Fan, who is afraid of trouble. Did you say that the solution of the acquisition was to change one? Xu Qianyu did not grasp the key point of Rong Ruo’s first half of the sentence until now. Uh Rong Ruo nodded. The man in black on the stage said, “I’m here for my useless brother.” A word completely detonated the atmosphere of the scene-the press conference suddenly turned into a rich and powerful secret. Xu Qianyu was embarrassed and continued to whisper to the man beside him: “This man is predestined with your family.” At this moment, Jane Fan has a headache. The eldest brother,Glass Cream Jars, who has always kept a clear distinction between public and private affairs, actually gave him a blow on such an occasion? His wife, however, was suddenly slow when it was time to use her imagination. Taking advantage of the eldest brother to further lead the artillery fire to his body, Jane Fan quickly explained to Xu Qianyu in a low voice: “Lady, in fact, I am the useless brother.” Sure enough, the line of sight behind the sunglasses fell straight on Jane Fan, cold tone: “Jane Fan, since you have decided to return to the family, as the general manager of Zhu Yan, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, you always have to say a few words.” Xu Qianyu is struggling for the relationship between two people, Jane Fan gently shook her hand, then gracefully walked up to the rostrum. It’s really elegant. This word is not something that anyone can take on. Slender legs, wrapped in light blue jeans, are full of strength when walking. Strong thin buttocks, beautiful shape, Xu Qianyu’s mind immediately automatically added “stripping version” of the picture. Further up, there are casual jackets, which look crisp and neat. Shit! For the first time, I found that her man had such a good figure! I used to stare at that face. Xu Qianyu quickly lowered his head to prevent himself from being a nymphomaniac. In a few simple words on the stage, Jane Fan expressed the beautiful vision of the listing of “Zhu Yan 2”, as well as the simple worship of his elder brother, and once again stepped down to Xu Qianyu’s side. Xu Qianyu couldn’t help looking up at the handsome face and saw the man who was looking at him intently. A flashlight flashed at the two men, and Xu Qianyu subconsciously raised his hand to block it. The fame resounded throughout the city of Beijing, Jane’s two young people know very little about its true face, but never thought it would be the development manager of “Zhu Yan”. And Jane Ershao’s love affair is a more popular news point than the listing of “Zhu Yan 2”. Of course, the reporter refused to let it go. The cold male voice of Jane’s eldest brother rang out: “That reporter friend, you’d better not make a mistake about the news point.” The implication is clear. The reporter smiled apologetically and focused the camera on the rostrum again. Rong Ruo took the microphone again and began the routine question-and-answer session with reporters.
Xu Qianyu’s line of sight, could not help but swing back and forth between the simple and simple, when Jane Fan could not help asking, he asked: “Are you two really brothers?” “True or false.” Jane Fan knew she was going to ask this and chuckled. Xu Qianyu has an impulse to vomit blood: “These two people don’t look like each other at all!”! Simple brother Jane, a big man. Eyebrows are blocked by sunglasses can not see clearly, the face is the kind of tough sense of line, the whole body temperament is the kind of tough guy feeling. Ahem, to put it another way, it looks like a triad in a Hong Kong gangster movie. And Jane Fan? Although the whole person is not feminine, but the temperament is warm and moist, that pair of peach blossom eyes, but also abruptly scattered out of some kind of charm. Two completely different people, how can she think like a brother? It’s like imposing on others. The phone vibrates, and the caller ID is “wheat.” Xu Qianyu got up and went out to answer the phone. Wheat told her a message in a good mood: “The article of Zhu Yan · Asking for Love has been deleted, and the author ID has committed suicide.” The so-called ID suicide is to cancel the author’s account. Oh Xu Qianyu answered in a low voice. Do you know who copied it? Asked the wheat. Otherwise, there is no reason that the ID of the vest will commit suicide directly and resolutely. Uh. But I didn’t think she would do that. She held her cell phone tightly, and her mind was somewhat confused. I don’t know how a man who had been stringing his neck to find evidence could suddenly make such a move. Knowing your mistake can make a big difference. That person may realize that his behavior is immoral. Wheat way, “fortunately, on a complaint post, the situation did not expand.”. Your article is locked up for you for the time being. You can unlock it later and continue to write. “Delete it.”. I’ve started a new idea here. Xu Qianyu explained to wheat and got a positive answer before hanging up the phone. Tang Xiao walked in from the outside, and when he passed by her,Oil Dropper Bottle, he lightly dropped three words, “I’m sorry,” and then entered the meeting.

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